Transfer from Zurich Airport with transferna: What to do when I land at Airport Zurich?

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Everything you need to know for your transfer once you land in Zurich.

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Advantages to private airport transfers

It’s nice to have someone waiting for you at the airport, to know that he/she will have the right vehicle and know where you’re going, and you’ll know the cost in advance. Airport transfer services are just that. Transfer services that connect the airport to your destination.

The other advantage of private transportation is that you can pay online when you book, meaning that you don’t need to find an ATM immediately when you arrive. You can pay by either credit card or electronic transfer. In rare cases, you may also directly pay in cash to our driver.

You can pretty much say that your time spent in transfer to and from the airport will be halved against using other forms of transportation.  No waiting around for connections because the airport transfer comes to you.

There’s no paperwork involved, unlike when you’re hiring your own transport.  Why bother hiring a car when you can make one phone call or book online?

The big benefit of airport transfers is no stress. You won’t have to stress about missing a connecting train or freaking out because the train you absolutely have to get has been cancelled. You won’t have to put up with the seemingly endless drop-off destinations that travel by bus brings.

Travelling should be a pleasant experience. transferna is the service you need. If you’d like more information about who we are and what we do, learn more about our
Zurich airport transfer service.

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How to book airport transfer services

We created our booking page for you to make the process easier. Check out the booking process on our Transfer Booking Page. Our selection of cars will surely meet all your requirements. If you are travelling with children, we offer age-appropriate child seats.

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Transfers from the Airport

Meeting points for major airports

If you haven’t used airport transfer services before, you may not have any idea of where you meet your driver. In general, meeting points in Zurich Airport are as follows: outside the arrival gate of Zurich Airport.

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What do I look for after arrival?

When using the transferna’s transfer service, our driver will track your flight status and as soon as you land at the airport he will call you and give you instructions on where exactly to wait for him. Drivers usually wait outside upon arrival with nameboard. You will receive an e-mail containing the name and telephone number of your driver before your trip.

Your driver will meet you in the arrivals area. The cleanliness of our vehicles is the most important point for us. Our vehicles are disinfected before each trip. Add your flight number to the booking so we can keep track of your flight and check for delays. They are locally knowledgeable so feel free to ask them for any assistance.

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What do I do if my flight is delayed?

First, please contact transferna via email or phone (+41 0 78 248 26 25) and the driver if you have not boarded the plane and are able to make contact.

Secondly, if you are experiencing delays during your flight, you are obviously unable to make contact from the plane. In this case, please contact the driver directly after you arrive in Zurich.

Once your plane has landed, our driver will wait a maximum of 60 minutes at the meeting point. If you feel that your group may take longer than 60 minutes to arrive at the meeting point (due to passport control, customs, baggage claim, lost baggage, etc.) please send someone from your group to the meeting point to inform the driver of any delays.

If the driver is required to wait past 60 minutes, this will be subject to availability and your transfer may be subject to an additional charge. If the driver has not been advised of any delays and no member of your group has arrived at the meeting point 60 minutes after the arrival of your flight, the service will be cancelled and payment forfeited.

In meeting points other than airports the driver will wait a maximum of 10 minutes for your group to arrive.

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How about transfer to the airport?

Our transportation service is not only from/to Zurich airport. We also perform pick-ups from hotels, train stations or other addresses.

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