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Booking a limousine and taxi transfer service can enhance your overall travel experience, making your journey more convenient and stress-free. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth transition between the airport and your destination (no matter a hotel or any location), allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip, whether you’re travelling for business or leisure.

  • Start by determining your travel dates, flight details, and destination. Knowing this information in advance will help you make a more informed booking.
  • Reserve your Zurich airport transfer well ahead of your travel date, especially during peak seasons.
  • Private airport taxi transfers offer a range of benefits, including convenience, comfort, reliability, and peace of mind, making them a popular choice for travellers seeking a stress-free and enjoyable journey to and from the airport.
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  • Be punctual and courteous during the airport transfer.

At transferna, we can offer you affordable, luxurious, and precise airport transfer, hotel transfer, and airport shuttle services in Zürich. You don’t need to worry about scrambling to find an expensive taxi for your hotel transfer or looking for a suitable combination of different types of public transport. With transferna, you can quickly and easily book a transfer from Zürich airport directly to your hotel or any other location of your preference.

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Zürich Airport and Hotel transfer - essentials

• This depends on the guests’ personal preferences. You can request to get to your destination directly or take a more scenic route around the upper shores of Lake Zürich.

• You can book any vehicle that is currently available. This depends on the number of guests requesting an airport transfer, as well as how much luggage they have. Your destination is also of importance – if you’re going straight to the city, then a more compact and luxurious car is what we recommend. If you’re planning on going somewhere more remote in the vicinity of Zürich, then a more economical and robust vehicle is what we recommend.

• Below, you can see our recommendations for the Top 5 locations to visit in Zürich.

• And also Top 5 Restaurants in Zürich.

More About Zürich

Willkommen to the stunningly beautiful city of Zürich. Set on the banks of both a river (Limmat) and a lake (Zürichsee), Zürich’s fairy-tale-like appearance is complemented even further by the addition of the mighty snow-capped Swiss Alps, towering in the backdrop. Clean cobblestone streets embrace the mountainous landscape, and ancient church spires rise heavenward.

Despite its reputation as a hub of old-school global banking and a stronghold for top-notch chocolate desserts, Zürich is nevertheless a contemporary city that likes to mosey through life at a leisurely pace. Visitors seeking a genuine experience should aspire to do the same.

Any visit to Europe would be incomplete without a visit to Zürich, famed for its beautiful setting, rich history, and distinctive nightlife. You might easily lose track of time when exploring Zürich’s twisting streets, going from one site to another, and meeting new people as you go.

But, as one of Europe’s most expensive cities, travelling to Zürich might be daunting – you’ll have to keep a close eye on your spending throughout your visit, making sure to book your accommodations and eat in locations that won’t break the bank. Fortunately for you, the positives considerably exceed the drawbacks: despite the possible cost, Zürich remains one of the most tourist hotspots in the whole globe.

Top 5 Locations to Visit in Zürich


Zürich’s main church, with its twin towers, dominates the city skyline from an open terrace above the river. It is a Romanesque three-aisled galleried basilica built between the 11th and 13th centuries, with a chancel over a crypt dating from about 1100. The towers’ upper levels originate from 1487, but the domed tops were constructed in 1782.

A sitting image of Charlemagne, who is said to have created the order to which the cathedral once belonged, may be located high on the south tower on the riverside. The tomb contains the terribly worn original of the statue; the one outside is a duplicate.

The two contemporary bronze doors completed in 1935-36, the sculptured Romanesque capitals, the remnants of Gothic wall paintings, and the Late Romanesque cloister from about 1200 are also worth seeing. Augusto Giacometti created the three brightly colored stained-glass windows in the choir in 1933.

grossmunster in zurich
zurich lake with boat

Lake Zürich

The long Lake Zürich is the focal point of Zürich and a popular recreation for both visitors and residents. The whole coastline is surrounded by promenades and parks where locals sunbathe, jog, eat, and swim in the lake.

The most popular method for visitors to experience the lake is aboard one of the numerous cruises that provide stunning views of the Glarus Alps. Look for the steamer docked at Bürkliplatz, where the Limmat pours from the lake. The Quaibrücke spans the river between Bürkliplatz and Bellevueplatz.


The western side of Zürich’s old town climbs steeply to the calm tree-shaded Lindenhof between the Bahnhofstrasse and the Limmat’s left bank. In the fourth century, the Romans erected a fortified town here to guard against northern migrations. Five centuries later, Charlemagne’s grandson erected a palace here as a royal dwelling.

Long after the remnants of these houses had all but vanished, with some incorporated into buildings across the park, the location was still utilized for major rituals, including the taking of the oath affirming the Helvetic Constitution in 1798. It’s now a tree-shaded park with seats, chess players, and visitors taking in the views of the river and Old Town.

lindenhof image 1
zurich west


Zürich-West, a former industrial zone, has reinvented itself as a popular district for modern art, design, retail, and cuisine with a mellow mood and humorous charm.

The principal meeting site is under the arches of the railway viaduct known as Im Viadukt, which was erected in 1894. The arches are now home to designer stores, boutiques, a food market, and restaurants, and the 500-meter-long urban area next to them is a popular spot to wander.

Both the Kunsthalle Zürich and the Migros Museum exhibit modern art, with the latter emphasizing social problems. The Schiffbau, a former shipbuilding facility, is the main venue for performing arts and music.

Zürich Zoo

The exotic world of the Zürich Zoo, one of Europe’s best, is home to over 360 different animal species. Snow leopards reside in the rocky Himalayan scenery, penguins swim in cold water, and flying foxes can be seen from a canopy walk in 13,000 square meters of tropical jungle.

You may see the Asian elephant family play with their young and swim in their multi-environment outdoor complex, which was built to imitate their native Thai habitat, at the Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park. Trams and trains connect the main railway station and the Paradeplatz to the zoo.

koala sleeping in zurich zoo

Top 5 Restaurants in Zürich


This restaurant is popular with people seeking a wonderful dining experience in Zürich’s trendy zone four. Volkshaus is well-known not just for its traditional Swiss cuisine but also for hosting various performances and exhibits. In a friendly yet private setting, the service is old school and exceedingly competent.

While it is a classic Swiss restaurant, this 100-year-old establishment avoids becoming a conventional tourist trap. Keep an eye out for the various activities that take place in this multi-purpose space, and don’t miss out on some world-class Swiss cuisine.

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Gartenhof is a lovely, relaxed restaurant that offers a dynamic weekly menu, serving up Swiss and French cuisine. Its vintage vibe creates a welcoming ambiance, and the garden area out front is ideal for a drink on those hot summer days.

Cooking is distinguished by soft meats and flavorful sauces, as well as a focus on seasonal ingredients. Hugo, a traditional Zürich cocktail, should not be missed. The menu is limited yet broad, and the service is excellent—a great option for a fast after-work snack or a low-key meal.

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The Kronenhalle is a historic gourmet establishment in Zürich that specializes in regional cuisine. Even the well-known Swiss novelist Dürrenmatt has visited it. Authentic paintings by Picasso and Miró can be seen on the walls.

Make yourself feel at home and have a drink at the bar before heading to the restaurant. The Kronenhalle has established itself as a culinary monument and has long been a favorite for high-quality Swiss food.

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Restaurant les Halles

Les Halles is a renovated factory that has become one of Zürich’s most exciting new trendy eateries. Its specialty is Moules et Frites, or mussels and French fries, which it has refined through the years. In an unpretentious and comfortable ambiance, this restaurant depends on self-service. On select evenings, there is live music and table football.

The décor is quirky, with jumbled furniture and bicycles suspended from the ceiling. It also has a store offering Italian and French delicacies. Restaurant Les Halles, one of Zürich’s most reasonably priced high-end restaurants with a young clientele, is not to be missed.

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In a casual setting, this modern eatery provides burgers, quesadillas, and delectable weekend breakfasts. It has the appearance of a rural cottage with its light timber walls, bleached flooring, and rustic interior.

The Iro Grill, located adjacent to the restaurant, offers a selection of meat delicacies for take-out. Iroqouis boasts reasonable prices, outstanding flavors, and a lively environment.

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