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Are you planning a trip to the picturesque alpine village of Grindelwald from Zurich Airport? Look no further than transferna, your premier booking platform for hassle-free airport taxi services. We are here to ensure that your journey from Zurich Airport to Grindelwald is not just a transfer but an unforgettable experience.

1. Plan Ahead

  • Start by determining your travel dates, flight details, and destination. Knowing this information in advance will help you make a more informed booking.

2. Book in Advance

  • Reserve your transfer to Grindelwald well ahead of your travel date, especially during peak seasons.
  • Private transfers offer a range of benefits, including convenience, comfort, reliability, and peace of mind, making them a popular choice for travellers seeking a stress-free and enjoyable journey to and from the airport.
  • Travelling should be a pleasant experience and transferna is the service you need.

3. Provide Flight Details

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  • This helps us track your flight and adjust pickup times in case of delays.

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  • Ensure you have contact information for the driver in case of any issues.
  • When you arrive, look for your driver or designated meeting point.
  • Be punctual and courteous during the airport transfer.

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From CHF130

Luxury Sedan

  • 3 Passengers
  • 3 Bags
From CHF100

Premium Sedan/Combi

  • 3 Passengers
  • 3 Bags
From CHF100

Premium Sedan/Combi

  • 3 Passengers
  • 3 Bags
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Premium Van

  • 7 Passengers
  • 8 Bags
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Comfort Sedan/Combi

  • 4 Passengers
  • 3 Bags

Our Services

At transferna, we take immense pride in providing top-notch services that cater to your comfort, safety, and budget. Here's what sets us apart:

1. Luxury Vehicles:

Our fleet comprises a range of luxury vehicles, from sleek sedans to spacious Minivans and even minivans for larger groups. You can rest assured that you’ll travel in style and comfort.

2. Professional Drivers:

Our experienced and courteous drivers are well-versed with the route to Grindelwald, ensuring a smooth and safe journey.

3. Affordable Prices:

We believe that quality service shouldn’t come at an exorbitant cost. transferna offers competitive rates to fit your budget without compromising on the quality of your ride.

The Zurich airport taxi transfer to Grindelwald

Your journey from Zurich Airport to Grindelwald will be nothing short of spectacular. As you leave the bustling city behind, you’ll be greeted by the breathtaking Swiss landscapes. The route takes you through picturesque valleys, charming villages, and along pristine lakes, providing you with a taste of Switzerland’s natural beauty.

Distance: Zurich Airport to Grindelwald is approximately 220 kilometres (137 miles), which translates to about a 2.5 to 3-hour drive, depending on traffic conditions.

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Grindelwald - A Glimpse of Paradise

Grindelwald is a quintessential Swiss mountain village nestled in the Bernese Oberland region. Here’s what awaits you in this enchanting destination:

1. Majestic Mountains

Surrounded by the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau peaks, Grindelwald offers awe-inspiring views at every turn. Whether you’re a hiker, skier, or just looking to relax, the mountains provide a stunning backdrop to your activities.

2. Outdoor Adventures

Grindelwald is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. In summer, you can embark on hiking trails, go mountain biking, or try paragliding. In winter, the village transforms into a winter wonderland, offering skiing, snowboarding, and other snow-related activities.

grindelwald winter landscape 1
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3. Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

From Grindelwald, you can take a train journey to Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe. Marvel at the icy wonderland and enjoy panoramic views from the Sphinx Observatory.

4. Village Charm

Stroll through Grindelwald’s charming streets, where you’ll find cosy cafes, local shops, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Don’t forget to savour Swiss cuisine at one of the traditional restaurants.

Make your trip from Zurich Airport to Grindelwald a seamless and memorable experience with transferna. We are here to cater to your transportation needs, ensuring you arrive at your destination comfortably and safely. So, why wait? Book your Zurich airport taxi transfer with transferna today and embark on your Grindelwald adventure with confidence.

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Transfer from Zurich Airport with transferna: What to do when I land at Airport Zurich?

It’s nice to have someone waiting for you at the airport, to know that he/she will have the right vehicle and know where you’re going, and you’ll know the cost in advance. Airport transfer services are just that.